Capital Alliance is Having a Significant Impact on the Orange County Community

Capital Alliance in Santa Ana is a company that loves helping people. The philosophy within the company in regards to helping the community is this: if work life can give you such an overwhelming satisfaction that you love working so much, then it ceases to become work, so much so that it becomes almost a pleasure. This satisfaction can necessarily spread out to encompass and invigorate all aspects of your life away from your job. Day to day, helping companies get the capital financing needed to expand business endeavors is in itself a very satisfying vocational task. Supporting the needs of businesses to grow and succeed not only keeps people working, but helps create more jobs and get even more people working. This is wonderful for the economy and exactly what this country needs right now to strengthen the nascent recovery.

Capital Alliance then doubles the satisfaction every employee receives from their job by also collaborating together as a team on great charitable deeds within Santa Ana and the greater Orange County community. Nothing make a team feel better about themselves as a team like making others feel better about themselves!

Capital Alliance did just that by helping the kids of El Sol Academy make some great memories and build an appreciation of school that will go far to help them succeed going forward in their academic career by providing them with an 8th grade graduation ceremony and celebration.

Capital Alliance of Santa Ana recently helped the kids of El Sol Academy in Santa Ana have an 8th grade ceremony and celebration.

In downtown Santa Ana, 20% of the families in the surrounding area are below the poverty level. El Sol Academy is charter public school trying to give the kids of their school an academic atmosphere in which they can progress and succeed unencumbered by the economic realities of their community. Despite their admirable mission, El Sol has had to struggle through budget issues like any other school and make some hard sacrifices to their programs and activities. Even with cuts having to be made, El Sol Academy was still awarded the Hart Vision Award for Charter School of the Year. Capital Alliance Group was happy to be in a position as a company where they were able to help such a worthy academic institution.



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