Capital Alliance Group Supports Women-Owned Small Business

Capital Alliance Group Santa Ana supports Women Owned Small BusinessesCapital Alliance Group in Santa Ana recognizes the obstacles that women face in the business world when it comes to financing. The number of small businesses that are owned by women has risen 59% since 1997, but the overall financial marketplace still has not adjusted to make available the credit they need to secure the capital necessary to sustain and promote growth unencumbered.

However, lenders are now really starting to take notice because the women in business are really accomplishing things that are hard to ignore. The 8.6 million firms estimated to be owned and operated by women in the United States are generating $1.3 million in revenue. Despite these huge numbers, these businesses are thought to have the potential to generate even more. Taking into account the less available capital necessary to expand and hire, it seems that the women-owned businesses only employ 6 percent of the United States workforce, and only 4 percent of its business profits.

This is a category that could be primed to explode for huge growth. Capital Alliance Group recognizes this opportunity and strives to approve on the merit of the business, not the gender of its owner.

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