Capital Alliance is Having a Significant Impact on the Orange County Community

Capital Alliance in Santa Ana is a company that loves helping people. The philosophy within the company in regards to helping the community is this: if work life can give you such an overwhelming satisfaction that you love working so much, then it ceases to become work, so much so that it becomes almost a pleasure. This satisfaction can necessarily spread out to encompass and invigorate all aspects of your life away from your job. Day to day, helping companies get the capital financing needed to expand business endeavors is in itself a very satisfying vocational task. Supporting the needs of businesses to grow and succeed not only keeps people working, but helps create more jobs and get even more people working. This is wonderful for the economy and exactly what this country needs right now to strengthen the nascent recovery.

Capital Alliance then doubles the satisfaction every employee receives from their job by also collaborating together as a team on great charitable deeds within Santa Ana and the greater Orange County community. Nothing make a team feel better about themselves as a team like making others feel better about themselves!

Capital Alliance did just that by helping the kids of El Sol Academy make some great memories and build an appreciation of school that will go far to help them succeed going forward in their academic career by providing them with an 8th grade graduation ceremony and celebration.

Capital Alliance of Santa Ana recently helped the kids of El Sol Academy in Santa Ana have an 8th grade ceremony and celebration.

In downtown Santa Ana, 20% of the families in the surrounding area are below the poverty level. El Sol Academy is charter public school trying to give the kids of their school an academic atmosphere in which they can progress and succeed unencumbered by the economic realities of their community. Despite their admirable mission, El Sol has had to struggle through budget issues like any other school and make some hard sacrifices to their programs and activities. Even with cuts having to be made, El Sol Academy was still awarded the Hart Vision Award for Charter School of the Year. Capital Alliance Group was happy to be in a position as a company where they were able to help such a worthy academic institution.


Orange County Rescue Mission the Recipient of 500lbs of Food Donated by Capital Alliance of Santa Ana

Capital Alliance Santa Ana team member standing next to Orange County Rescue Mission TruckSoon Summer will recede and give way to Autumn and then the wonderful Thanksgiving holiday will be upon us once again! Unfortunately Thanksgiving isn’t as joyous for some as it is for others, so Capital Alliance put “Operation Gobble Gobble” effect, and it was a huge success. Originally the plan called for a donation of 250lbs of food to the Orange County Rescue Mission, but the Capital Alliance team, in their zeal and passion for helping others managed to smash that goal to the tune of double. The less fortunate at the Orange County Rescue Mission received 500lbs(!) of all the Thanksgiving favorites, including turkeys, mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams, plenty of gravy, and of course, lots of pumpkin pies for dessert!

One of the many full shopping carts Capital Alliance of Santa Ana filled for Operation Gobble GobbleThe team felt lucky to be able to contribute. Capital Alliance Group Senior Account Executives Shannon Webb and Pam Bromely had this say, “It feels great to be able to give back and be aligned with the right team that has philanthropy deep rooted in its company culture,” said Shannon. Pam Bromley concurred, “We are very happy to be able to make a difference in these people’s lives…We are very fortunate to have success, we just want to share it.”

The Orange County Rescue Mission helps the less fortunate that are in need of a little support in getting back on their feet. Sometimes a warm Thanksgiving meal and knowing that their are those out there that care can provide exactly what someone needs to feel better and their current situation.

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Capital Alliance Group of Santa Ana Partners with Orangewood Children’s Foundation

Capital Alliance Group Santa Ana partners up with Orangewood Children's Foundation for Christmas GivingIt’s a little more than halfway to Christmas 2014 and Capital Alliance Group has been in their Santa Ana corporate headquarters brainstorming what it is they can do to help their community this year.

Last year was a great success; Christmas 2013 saw the Capital Alliance team partner with the Orangewood Children’s Foundation to bring to the kids of Santa Ana and Orange County at large “Operation Santa’s Helpers”.  This holiday event was meant to obtain and distribute presents to less fortunate kids in the community.

Narin Charan, Capital Alliance Group CEO summed it up succinctly, “We feel its our responsibility and duty; it’s just the right thing to do, especially after such a great year.”

Partnering up with Orangewood Children’s Foundation was especially fulfilling. They are life savers– literally. They provide assistance and guidance to abused children, at-risk youth, and families that are in dire straights. Their mission is to end the cycle child abuse one kid or family at a time.

Capital Alliance takes a stand in their staunch view that it is part of its responsibilities as a company include making a positive impact on the surrounding community. Operation Santa’s Helpers definitely helped a lot of people and it is a safe bet that they have something equally or even more giving this coming Christmas!

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Capital Alliance of Santa Ana and the Boys & Girls Club of Tustin

Capital Alliance Group of Santa Ana partners up with Boys & Girls Club of TustinEven the kids that have been looking forward to the summer time pretty much since the school year began get tired of summer in early to mid August as late-summer boredom kicks in. Their excitement is especially sparked when all the back-to-school shopping starts taking place, as every kid is excited to show off their new school gear to their friends in class. 

Unfortunately, not every kid in school is lucky enough to get everything they need to be successful in the new school year. Many families are still struggling in today’s economy and just cannot afford what their children want, let alone what they need. Enter the Boys & Girls Club and Capital Alliance, who partnered together to host a “Back to School Relay Race”, which created a fun atmosphere in which kids competed in a race to complete activities themed towards school day preparedness. Participants received backpacks stuffed with school supplies, which were provided and hand-packed by Capital Alliance of Santa Ana staff and complete with a heartwarming hand-written message in each backpack for the children.

“It’s tough times, but fortunately the Boys and Girls Club of Tustin is here to lend a helping hand,” Jamie Ruiz of Santa Ana is quoted as saying. He brought his daughter, and she had a blast participating in the Back to School Relay Race.

Gary Oustad, Resource Development Director for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tustin had this to say, “Every 26 seconds another American student drops out of high school, and we believe it is extremely important for the youth of our community to be prepared for school each day and have the resources to successfully be on track to graduate to the next grade level. Our vision is to provide a world-class Club Experience that assures success is within reach of every young person who comes through our doors, with all members on track to graduate from high school with a plan for the future. We could not accomplish this vision without the help of community partners such as Capital Alliance”

“Our team is honored to participate in such an event,” added Narin Charan, CEO, Capital Alliance. “The Boys & Girls Clubs of Tustin does such a service for our local community. We want to see all young people live up to their full potential. Providing kids with quality tools and supplies to get back to school on the right foot is the very least we can do.”

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Capital Alliance Group Makes the Trip from Santa Ana to Irvine for the ROC Race

Capital Alliance Group in Santa Ana recently participated in the ROC Race in IrvineCapital Alliance Group recently participated in the annual Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge (ROC) Race when it stopped by Irvine, CA to raise funds and awareness for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. The ROC Race is a 5K run combined with fun and challenging obstacles that are in the spirit of entertaining obstacle-orientated game shows such as MXC, Wipeout, American Gladiators, and everybody’s Nickelodeon favorite, Double Dare.

The ROC Race is held in partnership with the Challenged Athletes Foundation which is a non-profit organization founded to allow those with physical challenges to experience the joy of athletic competition, and everything that goes along with such endeavors, such as camaraderie, team spirit, and just plain fun.

And as evidenced by the pictures below, the Capital Alliance Group team had absolute loads of it, making the short trip from their corporate offices in Santa Ana to participate in the event which was held in Irvine.

Shannon Webb, a member of Santa Ana’s Capital Alliance Group team, had this to day about the event, “We are extremely passionate about supporting great causes like the Challenged Athletes Foundation and it brings the company together as a team.” Well said Shannon!

Capital Alliance Group of Santa Ana having fun at the ROC Race







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Capital Alliance Group Supports Women-Owned Small Business

Capital Alliance Group Santa Ana supports Women Owned Small BusinessesCapital Alliance Group in Santa Ana recognizes the obstacles that women face in the business world when it comes to financing. The number of small businesses that are owned by women has risen 59% since 1997, but the overall financial marketplace still has not adjusted to make available the credit they need to secure the capital necessary to sustain and promote growth unencumbered.

However, lenders are now really starting to take notice because the women in business are really accomplishing things that are hard to ignore. The 8.6 million firms estimated to be owned and operated by women in the United States are generating $1.3 million in revenue. Despite these huge numbers, these businesses are thought to have the potential to generate even more. Taking into account the less available capital necessary to expand and hire, it seems that the women-owned businesses only employ 6 percent of the United States workforce, and only 4 percent of its business profits.

This is a category that could be primed to explode for huge growth. Capital Alliance Group recognizes this opportunity and strives to approve on the merit of the business, not the gender of its owner.

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